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Smallest pet pigs

"Bailey", one of our spotted red pigs is pictured on the right with "Bear" a toy Rat Terrier.

Miniature Vietnamese Potbelly Pigs 

Micro potbelly pigs are gaining popularity and recognition as great pets. This is due to an combination of extraordinary traits that many people would not think of when considering a pig, traits such as cleanliness, diminutive size, friendly disposition and intelligence.

Wees: Our Wee Pigs are some of the smallest in the state of North Carolina if not the US. Our smallest pigs grow to a mature weight of under 30 lbs. and are only ounces when born.

Teacup pigs: Our largest pigs grow to about the size of teacup pigs- 15 inches in height and as much as 65 lbs which is still very small. These are the size and quality that are being snapped up by celebrities here and in Great Britain. Our pigs carry the blue-eye gene.

Orson the Potbelly Piglet    Ziggy the pig